The Virc d.o.o. company was founded in 2007. Prior to the foundation of the company, services including agricultural machinery were carried out through the Novo mesto machinery ring and supplementary activities on the farm.

At the time of the company’s foundation, we continued its main activity – the provision of services using agricultural machinery, but we did this to a greater, wider extent throughout Slovenia. Simultaneously, with the expansion of our services, we came to the conclusion at our company that we need a reliable and qualitative supply of intermediate and producer goods as well as spare parts for our machines. This led to the beginning of the commercial department of the company. We expanded our store with of a range of specialized machines and spare parts and became representatives for various manufacturers. We established direct routes to these manufacturers allowing us to stay on top of the trends as well as responsive in the supply of spare parts.

With years of experience in servicing our own mechanizations, particularly heavy agricultural machinery, we managed to gain the trust of manufacturers and owners of agricultural machinery, since in the maintenance of (primarily) used machinery and tractors, we also offer used spare parts, which provides a more affordable solution.