We offer intermediate goods that have been tested on our farm machinery. For example, we have been using Agrosterch Silograss film for more than 20 years. You can check the selected range of intermediate goods by clicking PRICE LIST.

Agrostrech Film

We recommend the use of a 5-layer film produced by ASPLA. We have been using this film since 2002 and the film is made by a manufacturer, whose main perogative is the production of Agrosterch film. SILOGRASS film has been a sales article since 2009. The Virc d.o.o. company has been a general importer of Agrostrech film from Aspla since 2012.


Information in pdf SILOGRASS

Information in pdf Eco Plus

You can send your enquiries to: info@virc.si



Our offer includes nets produced by different companies.

We offer nets of different sizes:

Width 60 cm; length 1400 m

Width 123 cm; length 3000 m

Width 125 cm; length 3000 m

Other dimensions are also available.

Strings – Binders

We offer strings for various types of agricultural machinery.

We offer the following types:

TIP 130 for large cubic (0.80 m X 1.20 m X 2.50 m) bales CLAAS QUADRANT 1100; 1200; 3200; 3400 and others.

TIP 350 for small cubic bales Welger, CLAAS, Deutz Fahr and others.

TIP 400 for small cubic bales Welger, CLAAS, Deutz Fahr and others.

TIP 750 for round bales Welger, CLAAS, Deutz Fahr and others.

Other dimensions are also available.

Inquiries should be sent to: info@virc.si

Silage Safe

Unique cover system with full-surface tensioning

The covering of silage and the subsequent removal of fodder are labour-intensive processes. An intelligently designed system and the right type of cover are crucial to the later quality of the roughage. This makes it essential to provide an efficient, airtight seal for your silage.

With the new Agritec Silage Safe, HUESKER offers a tensioning system that allows fast and efficient covering. Immediately after deposition, the silage can be rapidly sealed in an airtight envelope with a minimum of physical effort.

Info in pdf Silage Safe

Why choose Agritec Silage Safe?

Improved fodder quality due to full-surface tensioning, also along the edges in conjunction with standard silage film (provided by others). The tensioning system allows the removal of fodder in individual sections. The roughage can be covered over within 30 minutes without any great effort or use of tools. The system can even provide a tight seal for low filling levels. Rainwater can run off at the sides where it is removed by drainage pipes. Ask more on e-mail: info@virc.si