After many years of maintaining our own agricultural machinery, equipping  us with experience on various agricultural machines and towed machinery, we decided to offer our knowledge to the market.

We invite you to make an appointment to have your agricultural machinery serviced.

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Servicing Tractors

Our knowledge in the field of tractor servicing was complemented by developments that have also taken place in the agricultural machinery industry in terms of electronics.
Education and complementary theoretical knowledge along with work on our own tractors enables us to maintain all types and brands of tractors.

Servicing of Selfpropelled Forage Harvesters

Selfpropelled forage harvesters relieved tractors and increased capacity.

Forage harvesters can be considered heavy agricultural machinery, though not even among the heaviest, depending on the tonnes of material that they can process in a certain unit of time when compared to other machines.

Due to the load and the purpose of using such a machine, its MAINTENANCE must be of utmost importance.

We offer the maintenance of self-propelled forage harvesters of all types and brands and we have the highest number of service support from  the point of view of spare parts for the CLAAS brand.

Maintenance of Combine Harvesters

A combine harvester is a machine that, of all agricultural machines, performs the most of work at a time. We are convinced of this after seeing the way that harvesting cereals looked before the use of these combine harvesters.

The settings and maintenance of the machine are vital for the machine to work properly.

We know how all brands and types of combine harvesters operate and have most spare parts (also used) for CLAAS combine harvesters available in stock.

Servicing of Balers

For many years we have been providing maintenance on various types of balers, of different sizes. We understand the operation of the different systems and other settings that are important for the optimal performance of the machine.

Most used spare parts in stock are for CLAAS QUADRANT balers.