KEMPER machines

Are you considering buying a new KEMPER machine?

Kemper 445. Working width 4,55 m (6-rows of maize).

Kemper 345. Working width 4.50 m (6- rows of maize).

Tractor towed machinery. KEMPER C 2200. Working width 2.28 m (3-rows of maize).

We would be happy to prepare you an offer on all types of KEMPER machines. You may contact us at or +38641392506.

We would also be happy to receive enquiries for offers for spare parts or to receive enquiries for maintenance at or +38640474667.




OLIMAC Machines

Olimac – manufacturer of corn adapters for all brands and types of combine harvesters.



Information in pdf DRAGO GT

Virc d.o.o. is a representative of OLIMAC machines. We invite you to enquire at +38641392506.

We also invite you to enquire for spare parts and schedule maintenance work at +38640474667.

SAPHIR attachments and equipment

SAPHIR attachments and equipment available for your exact machine.

We invite you to look through the SAPHIR catalog.

Please send your enquiries to or call +38641392506 and we will prepare you an offer.