Beer production takes place in the village of Hudo, which was the inspiration for the brand’s name – Hudo pivo (Hudo Beer). The brewer Andrej Gačnik had been producing beer for many years. In 2019, he finally decided to launch his homemade beer onto the market.


Currently, there are 4 flavors available. You need to place an order for larger quantities.


IPA, 6.0% alcohol; a full-strength beer dominated by floral and fruity notes of American hops. This one is a beer offering a strong taste with more aroma that brings back memories of your vacation. It will especially agree with you at summer sunsets.


ALE JANTAR, 5.2% alcohol; this beer has the color of amber. Its characteristic caramel taste is complemented by a mixture of Slovenian and American hops. In Novo mesto, a city famous for its numerous archaeological finds, there are also various amber finds from the earliest Iron Age. This beer is less aromatic and therefore even more drinkable with the added taste of spring. Suitable for all seasons.


ALE SVETLO, 5.2% alcohol; a beer of a light and simple character, with the moderate aroma of Slovenian hops. It can be enjoyed in after sports activities and is great for quenching thirst in hot summer days. Suitable for all seasons, especially the summer.


ALE TEMNO, 5.5% alcohol; a light dark beer, with the taste of biscuits and caramel, enriched with mild bitterness of Slovenian hops. Recommended to all those who like dark beer but are not fans of strong flavors. Suitable for all seasons, especially the winter time.