The purpose of the project is to develop and market (mostly by means of digital marketing) the innovative integral tourist product Temenica Habitat Observatory of the habitat type with code 3260 in the village of Pre─Źna near the Temenica subterranean river bed, along with the additional offer at locations in the immediate vicinity of the observatory, thanks to cooperation with surrounding tourism providers. The project’s purpose is also to educate and raise visitors’ awareness about the habitat type, animals and plants, emphasizing the importance of the visitor’s coexistence with nature, as well as to market the Thermal Panonian Slovenia tourism, within the framework of one of the leading destinations, Novo mesto (Lower Carniola region), Slovenia, and foreign markets.


The operation is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.


The specific objectives of the operation are:

– to develop an innovative integral tourist product, Temenica Observatory, by means of sustainable development and

– to promote the integral tourist product Temenica Observatory, by means of digital marketing.


The expected results of the operation are the following:

The developed innovative integral tourist product Temenica Habitat Observatory, which is to include:

– an observatory with informative interactive displays / a mobile application and cameras,

– a camping site,

– the offer of our project partners.